Gary Barlow

gary-barlow-hydro-150x150 Gary BarlowBook now for Gary Barlow when he plays his show at the Hydro Glasgow on Wednesday the 2nd April 2014.

The Take That singer and X Factor Judge is returning to the solo music world, with a new album ‘Since I Saw You Last’, out at the end of November. It’s his first album release since his second album ‘Twelve Months, Eleven Days‘, way back in 1999. Gary first cut it away from Take That with Open Road, he’s been dipping his toe back in the water over the last few years, including singles with Robbie Williams and a cover of the classic track ‘Here Comes The Sun‘ for Marks and Spencer in 2012.

Barlow fans will be keen to see him strut his stuff on the big stages in 2014, make sure you don’t miss him when he returns to Scotland in April.